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who will be san jose's top cop? crime is high and nbc has learned of two names that may potentially replace him. one is the chief from fresno. another is sacramento chief brazil. brazil is set to retire next month. marianne joins us with the latest on the search. >> reporter: in just a few minutes at 6:30 you can come to the community center and voice your opinion about ha type of qualities you would like to see in the new san jose police chief. it's the first of several throughout the city. >> san jose's new top cop will grapple with rising crime, shrinking budgets and declining moral. that's just the beginning. the last four police chiefs have all come from within the department. some say it's time to try a new approach.
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>> the problems need to be solved by an outsider who will take a fresh look at the way business is done in san jose. >> kenneth kelly, a former board member of san jose crime stoppers hopes the new police chief will commit to staying on the job at least five years. >> we need to hire a police chief who really understands diversity. who really gets the notion. this is an incredibly diverse town. they need to relate to people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. others agree working closely with the community will be critical to the chief's success. >> we're looking for a leader to invest some time in san jose. invest in the community in san jose and finish what i believe chief moore started, which is a building process to bring police
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here to san jose. >> chris moore plans to resign by the end of january. the city must move fast to find the best person to be a leader in san jose. tonight's meeting will accept public input until 8:00 tonight. there will be another meeting on wednesday at the camden community center at 6:30. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thank you. new at 6:00 it's the season for giving. at least for one top city official. the manager has come up with a unique strategy to entice two high profile workers to stay on the job. jodi hernandez joins us from city hall. talk about digging deep. >> he is digging deep into his own pocket. he feared two of the city's top workers, including the police chief may be lured away by
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others. he came up with a unique solution. some are calling it an act of selflessness, others call it self preservation. it's the season of giving and a top official is doing just that. the city manager is giving up a chunk of his salary so two coworkers can get a raise. >> i've always felt if you do the right things that certainly you enhance the certainty that your team will stay together. and without people it doesn't work. the people are the magic. >> zapata will take a $20,000 a year pay cut so they can each get a $10,000 a year raise. with san jose and fremont on the hunt for new chiefs, zapata hopes his contribution will entice san leandro's top cop to
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stay put. >> she's essentially remade the police department. it's really made this a safer place. without her talent, i think we would be in a very different place. >> zapata says uncertain financial times call for out of the box solutions. and what a better time to dip into your own pocket to give to others than during the holidays. >> i'm feeling great. i can rest better knowing talented professionals are working. and that lets me sleep very good at night. feel good about the spirit or the holiday season. >> now this isn't the first time that zapata has offered to take a pay cut. he did it twice before in a previous position. he said during tough economic times it's especially important to lead by example.
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i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the 15-year-old suspect linked to a san jose crime spree could be arraigned as early as tomorrow. authorities finally caught him in concord friday after a week on the run. he's linked to the november 16th killing of a man during a car jacking in a seven-11 parking lot and the attempting killing of a police officer. the suspect's name is not billion released because of his age. the first suspect, 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks faces multiple charges with special circumstances. a san francisco sheriff deputy was in court and pleaded not guilty to robbing a bank. these fingerprints led police to deputy phillip todd. he allegedly handed the teller a note demanding money. the teller handed over $1,700 in
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cash. he will return to court in november to set a date for a preliminary hearing. the father of two filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. >> the san francisco general is going after the dodgers. they want to recoup the unpaid cost for caring sister stow after he was brutally beaten outside a dodgers game in march of 2011. county lawyers have asked a bankruptcy judge to add san francisco to a list of creditors. they filed for chapter 11 after the owner ran into problems after a bitter divorce from his wife. attorneys believe it will cost that much to care for him for the rest of his life. the chp says drunk driving was not the biggest problem.
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the highway patrol reports 31 people died from wednesday of last week through sunday. that's up 48% from last year. among the casualties, two sisters from san bruno. this accident here happened in palo alto. 21 of the 31 people who lost their lives were not wearing seat belts. >> it was really concerning for me how many were unseat belted out of those fatalities. we're trying to get the word out on how dangerous it is to be out there without your seat belt on. they suspect the driver in this accident may have dozed off. in the humboldt county town, students at the local high school all wore green today. that's the favorite color of a student who died. the family was walking their dog
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on the beach. this happened on saturday, when their dog was engulfed by a wave and swept the dog to the ocean. gregory went in after the dog and his father followed. gregory made it back to the beach. when his father did not return, gregory and his mother went back to the water. the older sister and girlfriend watched in horror. a bystander called 911. the bodies of the parents washed ashore. gregory is still missing. the dog did swim ashore on her own. the state senator will be running for secretary of state in 2014. now during his years in office the former san francisco supervisor has made voter rights his top priority. the current secretary of state will be termed out in 2014. some evergreen teachers may be horse in the classroom tomorrow. that's because they spent more than two hours marching and chanting, trying to pressure the district to go back to the
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bargaining table. the district says teachers and administrators are at an impasse and have called for a state mediator. kris sanchez joins us from san jose with the very latest. >> hi there, jessica. you can probably hear me if i whispered with you tonight. earlier you wouldn't have hear a jet roar as hundreds of teachers protested, asking to return to the bargaining table. the district says the two sides are so far apart they can't get to the middle without a little outside help. chanting for a fair contract several hundred evergreen school district teachers got support from their community driving by the headquarters. they want the district to return to negotiations that arrived at an impasse on november 25th. six sessions after they started.
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they agreed and a state immediate you tor will come up with the next teacher contract. the teachers association president says they don't want to meet in the middle. essentially means this is take it or leave it. take it or else proposition. this is nonnegotiable. >> the starting points were too far apart and some promises to teachers were coming at the expense of their students. >> we have is 00% paid health care benefits for employees and their families, which is just becoming really unsustainable. and we're finding ourselves in a difficult position of needing to balance the needs of the employees with the needs of students. many of the signs at the protest reference the district's $2 million in reserve. something the superintendent says breaks down to $3 million
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they can't touch by law and 16 million more that will backlog a budget this year and next. the teachers tried to pressure the district saying that would to longer take on extra duties like coaching and sponsoring outdoor activities to make it clear they're serious about the contracts. between that and protests like this one. the teacher are hoping the district will be pressured back to the negotiating table, rather than waiting for mediation, which may not happen until next year. there are no negotiating sessions on the schedule right now although there's a discussion behind closed doors of this labor dispute. however, it could be a while before we find out how that contract is going to shake out. >> still ahead at 6:00, what does a steroid suspension get you? apparently a lot of money. the world series bonus for melky cabrera, even though he didn't play. one doctor reacts to a
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controversial treatment involving a 7-year-old oregon girl and medical marijuana. that story is coming up. plus a local university considered among the most dangerous in the entire country. good evening. temperatures are cooling off to the 50s for the most part. all the talk is about a series of storms headed our way. we'll let you know when the rain drops arrive coming up in just a few minutes.
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medical marijuana for a 7-year-old? mckayla suffers from an aggressive form of leukemia. and her mother has chosen to help her deal with the side effects by giving her medical cannabis. we look at the issue and how doctors here are reacting to this treatment.
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>> without the cannabis i feel more tireder and with the kin bus i have more energy to play and stuff. mckayla is a sick girl. she suffers from an aggressive form of leukemia and this helps to relieve the symptoms she gets from chemotherapy. i knew i would do that. she gets two doses daily. >> it makes me feel funny. happy. at age 7 she has a medical marijuana card issued by the state of oregon. she oversees the department where some 60 children are diagnosed with leukemia each year. it's not against the law at all to use cannabis.
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and however for children it needs to be a precise amount. that's the piece that may be missing here. >> oregon and california have laws on the books allowing patients to use medical marijuana. the doctor says she's prescribed it before with her young patients, but she uses it more often with adolescents. still, her mom says she was desperate to find something to help her daughter deal with the side effects of her treatment. >> i felt like i was going to lose my child. at that point i knew that i would do whatever it took to save her life. speaking of marijuana, it could be the first in the country. a public university with a department devoted to pot. humboldt will be taking advantage of its location in the prime growing region.
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the csu campus will open the institute for research. they will coordinate research mock 11 faculty members from politics, psychology and sociology of pot. ucberkeley and ucla are two of the largest colleges in california. they're also the most dangerous. they averaged crime data over the last four years ucla among the country was number one. uc berkeley was number three. san diego state is number seven. and uc riverside at 24. ucla is denying the fining, saying the police department also responds to offcampus calls, making this report invalid. the next couple of days will be dicey with the weather dipping. but tonight some of the homeless population will get a hot meal and a warm dry place to sleep. three cold weather stations
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opened at 6:00 this evening. 275 shelter beds are now available in san jose. and in gilroy as well. and for the first time a portion of the beds will be allocated for the homeless living in encampments and also for veterans. the program will run through march. get ready to clean out the rain gutters. let's bring in jeff ranieri with our monday forecast. great advice to get out and get them ready for a series of storms across the bay area. today it was pleasant outside. we had sun finally make it out here in the early afternoon. 65 in san jose. also popped up to 62 in redwood city. we are currently under dry conditions in the 250 mile radius. but in advance of the series of storms coming our way, not just one but at least four storms throughout the end of the week. a flood watch has been issued for the sacramento valley.
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we'll likely see a flood watch here. mainly up in the north bay throughout the next two days with heavier rainfall coming your ways. we'll have the timing coming up. let's look at the coldest weather. 48 in novato. temperatures already dipping in the low to mid 50s. let's take you outside to the live hd sky camera network. this is looking across 80 as you get up to the bay bridge approach. a lot of traffic, as is normal this time of year. and that will be a nightmare into the workweek with rain coming our way. this is still 700 miles out here. but it is powerful by all standards. it's going to be strong enough that the bottom edge of the storm getting close to california will be strong enough to bring us one to three inches as we head throughout wednesday. winds that could top 50 miles per hour. it doesn't look like feet of
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snow at this point. about four to eight inches. it has warmer air. so up across we'll expect a wide mix of conditions, including rainfall. so tomorrow morning we'll have some fog, like we had today. likely in oakland, widespread cloud cover. we won't expect too much sunshine by the afternoon. then eventually the first storm system will get here throughout 7:00 a.m. pockets of rain for the entire viewing area and across the santa cruz mountains. the next thing i want to bring your attention to is the wind. on wednesday when the system arrives we could see gusts top 50 miles per hour. tuesday night looks more typical. winds 20 to 25 miles per hour. then throughout wednesday morning at 6:00, look at the magentas and the reds. follow the key on your screen.
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then throughout 10:00 a.m., that's when the wind will peek out with the first system on wednesday. this could bring down trees and bring down power outages. overall we'll see cloud cover increase throughout the day. and wednesday's storm is not the only one this week. we'll see showers throughout thursday. i'll have full details later on. coming up, a type of aggress bird on the rise in the bay area. also were you full? the $400 million hoax involving google. and a fruit that may not mix well with certain prescriptions. we're back in a moment.
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federal prosecutors want eight years of jail time for a california campaign treasurer found guilty of defrauding at least $7 million from democratic politicians. the u.s. attorney's office is now recommending a little more than eight years. if the judge agrees, she would have to serve six years and ten months before being eligible for parole. >> he spent his life traveling the world. he was finally laid to rest. >> a wreath of roses, an american flag and a children's note. according to the union newspaper ambassador chris stevens was laid to rest in a small ceremony
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last friday. president obama talked about his birthplace in a speech to the united statesed last month. and stevens is seen standing in front of the foothills. >> i didn't know much. he told the union the family chose this as the final resting place because i think he felt a bond, an identity. and really appreciated the history and had ancestors as part of the community. >> my only thought is that they brought him home. >> she has begun studying the stevens families roots, tracing back to his grandfather, a local teacher and to those who came to work in the gold mine. >> i think so, yes. >> even though the family later
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moved. he often returned to visit his grps here in the valley. see you soon. at 52 years old. chris stevens had learned languages and travelled the world. he said this is where we always planned one day to return. >> still ahead, more fallout for the socialidentity involved in the david petraeus scandal. the honor that's now been taken away from her. >> and liking facebook. new optimism for the social network stock. >> i'm scott budman at paypal headquarters. the numbers are in. we're doing it on our computers. we're doing it on our mobile devices and doing it way more than before. the cyber monday shopping report is coming up. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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these terms are outdated now. black friday. cyber monday. so 2005.
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the malls are packed and laptops are coming. it's the sign of an improving economy, we hope. we bring in scott budman. lots of shopping of all kinds. i went to union square and it was packed. >> and that's the best news of all. it doesn't matter how early the malls were open unless a lot of people were willing to spend money. all these numbers are a reflection that we're comfortable shopping online, especially with our mobile devices. you can pretty much boil the shopping world down to this couple we found in a coffee shop. >> i definitely do most of my purchasing online. >> kristen likes to shop from her laptop. >> i try to avoid the mall. it's hectic and saves time.
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>> i don't do much shopping. when i do i prefer to go to the stores or the malls. i don't know. i guess i'm old school like that. we're happy to say they're making it work. on this cyber monday it seems the new school is making the biggest stride. shoppers more comfortable spending money online than ever. that's almost a three-fold increase already. she points out that it's not just the online shopping world growing so fast. it's specifically that we're shopping on mobile devices. on smart phones and tablets. the flexibility that people have, they can shop any time, anywhere, any way. >> which leaves us more time to hang out in coffee shops. >> the beauty of it is i'm not a good sleeper. i can in the middle of the night when i'm not sleeping. i can do my errands.
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do my shopping. which is a big advantage to me. i'm not out there with the crowds. i'm not using gas. >> staying away from the mall. # a big gain in the number of people going online to shop by 24% this year from last year. and about 10% of us are doing all of our shopping from mobile devices. jessica? >> thank you, scott. all the online shopping means big bucks thanks to a new sales tax on internet purchases. this cyber monday is expected to bring in tens of millions of dollars. that went into effect december 15th. the purpose is to require retailers to charge customers online the moment they buy something. usually when they pay their income taxes. so far california officials have only managed to identify a few retailers as being subject to the new law, though. >> if you're an out of state
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retailer and you collect more than a million dollars in sales in california, and you have at least $10,000 worth of referrals from instate retailers, then you're obligated to pay that tax. >> did you get that? by 201614 states will collect sales tax from online purchases. a hoax made the rounds today involving google and a company it didn't buy. they claimed they bought another company. they apparently bought the company for $400 million. both companies insist there's no such deal. no one has been able to track the source. they are not worth nearly the $400 million that the fake press relief says. how about facebook quietly gaining ground? the company is getting a thumbs up from the wall street journal. just today facebook stock jumped
6:33 pm
8%. facebook shares are still down about 30% from the initial public offering back in may. with the fiscal cliff edging closer, the white house took a hard line, insisting they have to rise from affluent americans and many more delays could hurt hol dha roadway tail sales. >> the senate will come to order. >> back from thanksgiving, senators are on the sidelines. >> really we have to make tough decisions. >> the house has the ball. i don't care if you raise taxes 100% on the wealthy. you're not going to fix the deficit prap. >> the republican leader is talking about it. but republicans are open to new rev new because of the new reality. well, the president got reelected and we know at the end f this year taxes are going up on everybody. >> republicans say if the rich
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do pay more it should come only by reducing their tax deductions. democrats still insist on a rate hike on the rich. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. >> billionaire warren buffett, an obama ally, again with a rate hike on the rich. calling in "the new york times" for a minimum tax on the wealthy. 30% of income between 1 million and $10 million. 35% above that. republicans insist any deal on tax hikes has to come after a commitment to control spending on medicare and social security. adding to the drama, the white house warned the strong start to holiday roadway tail steals could be spoiled by fears of tax hikes. holiday cheer and a reminder. five weeks until l the fiscal
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cliff. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. >> a tense standoff in egypt between mohammed morsi and the nation's judiciary branch. they want to lessen tension in cairo. they canceled a massive rally that was planned for tomorrow. at today's meeting was a bid to resolve a four-day crisis that has plunged the country into turmoil. clashes have left one protester dead and hundreds of people wounded. amateur video shows rebels. they were able to seize dozens of boxes of ammunition from defeated soldiers. a sign that the rebels are slowly seizing forces out of the
6:36 pm
area. it's believed this is the second military base to fall to the rebels. thousands of angry textile workers protested today, demanding u justice for victims of a massive fire. investigators say narrow exits in the nine story building trapped the workers inside. they also say one exit was locked and the fire extinguishers didn't work. it's now the worst ever disaster in bangladesh history. and talk about your status update. the florida socialite who toppled general petraeus is losing her status. officials say kelly misused the title for personal gain. her diplomatic status came to light two weeks ago in a
6:37 pm
scandal. when the media set up camp around her tampa home, she called 911 to complain about trespassers and invoked her title with the country of korea. still ahead, the confession involving confetti at the thanksgiving day parade. and a warning involving a popular fruit and prescription drugs. and good evening. hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine because things are about to change and quickly. here we go. our next storm system is off shore. we're tracking at least four different storms in the seven-day forecast. i'll have the latest in a few minutes.
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did you watch the parade? the confetti is in question. they want to know why shredded confidential police documents were shredded in with the confetti. some of them contained private information. there are even details about a mot motorcade for mitt romney. super storm sandy carried a hefty price tag. the mayor is announcing that the city suffered $19 billion in losses from the storm. mayor bloomberg is planning a
6:41 pm
trip to capitol hill to ask congress for $10 billion in aid. it's not clear how much that will overlap with the $30 billion he requested from the feds. >> jeff ranieri is here to tell us about what's happening. >> we have a few storm systems this way throughout the week. not only the rain, but also the wind. we'll have the full seven day forecast. two of the strongest storms coming our way in the bay area in just a few minutes. coming up in sports, no one is trying to be a backup quarterback. guys want to be the man. the quarterback controversy continues in san francisco. who should be the leader of the nineers it's a hot topic and we'll cover it in sports.
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in health matters tonight, news about alzheimer's. researchers say alzheimer's can act very differently depending on your gender. the brain begins to shrink earlier in women with the disease, but men tend to have more difficulty than women with thinking about. women and men lost brain matter in different areas of their
6:44 pm
brain. operations have come to a halt at the country's largest peanut butter plant. they shut down a processing plant in new mexico after it found salmonella. 41 people got sick after eating peanut butter manufactured there. they sold hundreds of products to many large grocery chains, including trader joes. eating grapefruit can be harmful to your health. even deadly if mixed with certain drugs. . well, a southern california bird is moving north and bay area birds may want to watch out. the grate tailed greckle may look like a crow but doesn't act like one. they are often called devil birds. several have been seen flying around the lake if san
6:45 pm
francisco. they tend to be noisy and aggressive and may challenge you for your lunch if you eat outside. they like to raise nests and eat other bird' eggs. >> when does it arrive and how long will it be here? >> yes, we have wet weather coming our way. we did get you this doppler radar to show you no storm activity is moving. however, in advance of a sere of storm systems this way. already have flood watches issued. in the central valley. if you're headed that way, expect wet weather. we may see a flood watch issued in parts of the north bay throughout the next four to five-day period. here's why. let's get a look at the rainfall so far today. we're doing great so far, but we received more than 50% of the
6:46 pm
wet weather over the past month and a half. so adding to that this week with potentially another one to three inches or maybe more will middle age the region cool. let's take you outside to the live hd sky camera network. one of the clearest views continued to be san francisco. that was one of the foggiest spots this morning. we had airport delays from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. let's get you back to the weather board. next 48 hours our latest storm system. right now still 700 miles away. you still have time to clean out the gutters and get the yards prepared. this is a storm that will produce winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. the strongest part of our wednesday storm system is going to head off to the north. this has such a strong central pressure, so much upleft that
6:47 pm
even getting the bottom edge coming close to california will set off gutty winds. anywhere from 50 to 60s at the coastline. we're going to stay dry on tuesday. storm will be offshore. we're going to flip the switch to drastically different weather. fog in san francisco and also oakland. low cloud cover to san jose and the sooes bay. it's going to be similar to this mortgage. we'll stay dry throughout the day. no huge problem when it comes to the rainfall. may get a shower in the late evening. we'll save the heavy rainfall for your wednesday morning commute. we are tracking pockets of heavy rain for the north bay all the way down to the peninsula. maybe slower back to the east bay.
6:48 pm
then to tee up the second storm, that will arrive throughout thursday. at 10:00 and 11:00 this the morning we'll see the rain push on down from the north bay. so we have potentially an inch of rain in the north bay. for the east bay and south bay, a quarter to a half inch. keep in mind the numbers on the screen are computer estimates. it's the best guess of what we could see in terms of water here across the bay area. the biggest area of concern will be the north bay hills. after that flood danger will be the highest. winds could gust as high as 50 miles per hour, potentially producing power outages. it's also in the north bay. if you live there, where you're going to want to keep a close eye on the the creeks, rivers and streams back blind your house. you know who you are. when we get a storm moving in you start to see those rise. we don't want to alarm you too
6:49 pm
much. temperature in the upper 30s and low to mid 40s for the north bay. we'll stay in the 60s for the daytime highs. three day forecast has the wind and rain by wednesday. then a stronger storm system throughout friday. another round of rain and wind. and that will likely be the day on friday where we have to watch out for potential flooding concerns around the north bay at this point. creeks, rivers and streams could rise by friday. then we'll see intermittent rain throughout saturday and sunday. some reports show it weakening to neutral. this shows we may see el nino
6:50 pm
fire up. >> thanks, jeff. you know what i was doing this morning? >> talking to henry? >> listening to henry on the radio. >> you were? >> i apologize. you shouldn't have to listen to me twice in the same day. that's like punishment for no reason at all. i do have a lot to talk about. everyone has an opinion on the quarterback situation. they believe that alex smith should reclaim his job next sunday. now that could be a tough move to make. it looks like the quarterback controversy is back to square one. >> alex smith is our starting quarterback. he had not done anything to lose that job.
6:51 pm
in fact he's playing at a high level. also he started games and played very well in those games. this season's quarterback position has been shared. at the end of the season you look back and say it was shared. so i think the thing that is best for us is we have two good guys. well, bad news for kyle williams. he will miss the rest of the season after suffering a torn acl yesterday in new orleans. his injury openeds the door for the first round pick aj jenkins to finally get playing time. over on the other side, the raiders. there is good news. he is expected to return after missing three games with a high ankle sprain. silver and black, they can get right to work immediately.
6:52 pm
it would be greatly appreciated. oakland was on the wrong end of another blow out. the raiders allowed 42 points a game during the losing streak. >> i would never in my wildest dreams. >> we don't accept the results of where we are at right now. it's not acceptable to be #-8. and we have to do something to change it. you're not going to believe this. the jets are so bad that iron man ed is catching heat. the super fan announced he will no longer repeat that cheer after being hassled by other fans. >> you actually seem shaken up about the resignation.
6:53 pm
>> well, i like fireman ed. if he could play linebacker i would use him. but i like him. you know. i don't know what to say. i do. i appreciate him. >> let's stick with football. college football now. san jose state has cracked the bcs standings for the first time in school history. the spartans are ranked 25th after a 10-2 season. a remarkable turn around for a program that was 1 in 12 just two years ago. after we came back from the stanford game and i came in the locker room and saw that the guys were heartbroken, i realized they didn't think it was a moral victory. they realized they could have won the football game. and enknew from then on a lot of times would have a hard time playing with us. we would be a steshl team this year. i can't predict how many games
6:54 pm
we would win. by i knew we would win a lot more than we lose. >> and some good news. stanford, coach shah has been named the pac 12 coach of the year for the second year in a row despite losing andrew luck. they could earn a spot in the rose bowl with a win against ucla. and finally, let's talk money. a full share for the world series champion san francisco giants was worth a record 3$77,003. that sets the bar. and melky cabrera will get a full share despite not playing at all in the post season. that's my type of job. thanks, henry. for a full half hour, watch sports next central tonight at 10:30.
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have you ever seen this? it's a photo of the iceberg believed to have sunk the titanic. the captain took this picture on april 12th, 1912, two days before the titanic hit an iceberg and sank. they describe an iceberg very much like this one in the photograph. a collector believes this picture shows the actual iceberg that doomed the famous luxury liner. so what is the rare photo worth? experts at the rr auction house expect it to sell for 8 to
6:58 pm
$10,000. tonight an ad that caused controversy in the past goes up in a san jose store front window. that's tonight after an all new revolutions. >> and we'll have some news coming up next. >> we'll talk more about the ups boot camp. what the drivers can do to get ready to take the packages out. and what happens with global warming to the island by san diego. a new report is coming out. have a great evening. see you back here at 11:00. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin aunt sally's singing again.
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it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. scotland! aye...and do you know where your leukemia treatment was discovered? st. jude! right! after three unsuccessful marrow transplants, st. jude children's research hospital developed a bold new fourth transplant that helped save brennan. fore! i said four. why you yelling? good one! give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo. >> now on "extra" -- farewell, j.r. >> i don't fear death. death, everybody's got to do that. >> "dallas" legend larry hagman's final hours. linda gray and patrick duffy at hagman's final hours. linda gray and patrick duffy at his side.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 9, San Jose 8, California 7, Ucla 4, Oakland 3, Oregon 3, Us 3, Jeff Ranieri 2, Linda Gray 2, Patrick Duffy 2, The City 2, Alex Smith 2, Nbc 2, Dodgers 2, Jessica 2, San Diego 2, Sacramento 2, Jodi Hernandez 2, Humboldt 2, Brazil 2
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